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A few things:


1) This is the email address which will be associated with your Dr.Duino's labs membership (mentioned above). You need to confirm your subscription to this list. So after you click submit, check your email and confirm your subscription to this email list. If you don't, we won't be able to communicate with you.


2) We will be using this email address to contact you for various Dr.Duino ONLY related items. Newsletters, Code Updates, Special promotions and general cool stuff from the Dr.Duino brand.


I want you to know that I DESPISE SPAM, more than anyone else on the planet, I absolutely HATE IT!


So your email address will never be bought, sold, transferred or anything else weird. You can always unsubscribe too, but this is necessary to setup your account. 


3) You will be asked for your email again in the next step, please be sure to make it the same as what you enter here. SUPER IMPORTANT!