My name is Guido Bonelli, I am the inventor of the Dr.Duino Explorer and Pioneer which you received as a gift from someone.




In order to get started with your kit, we will need to set you up with a membership to what we call Dr.Duino's labs.


Inside of Dr.Duino's labs you'll find everything you need to assemble and test your kit. All the code, software, EVERYTHING is located within it.


With that, we just need a bit of information from you. Please answer all of the questions below and we will set you up with a brand spanking new account.


Please be on  the lookout for an email with the following subject line: It will look exactly like this so you can't miss it.




See you on the inside!


Talk Soon,
Guido Bonelli
Founder of Dr.Duino


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A few things:


1) This is the email address which will be associated with your Dr.Duino's labs membership (mentioned above). You need to confirm your subscription to this list. So after you click submit, check your email and confirm your subscription to this email list. If you don't, we won't be able to communicate with you.


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I want you to know that I DESPISE SPAM, more than anyone else on the planet, I absolutely HATE IT!


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