Dr.Duino Pioneer Edition

Become An Electronics Master, FASTER With Dr.Duino!

Get started in the exciting world of electronics with this complete Arduino Uno compatible kit.


It has everything you need to learn and BUILD fun projects.


Comes with an Arduino Uno clone & 5 FREE exciting and fun projects.

* Simple assembly required (60-90 minutes)

**Shown here with Expansion pack (Sold separately)

Pioneer Edition

Become An Electronics Master, FASTER With Dr.Duino!

Get started in the exciting world of electronics with this complete Arduino Uno compatible kit.


It has everything you need to learn and BUILD fun projects.

* Simple assembly required (60-90 minutes)

**Shown here with Expansion pack (Sold separately)

Pioneer Edition

Your Electronics Learning Studio

An ultra compact, yet a fully featured electronics learning platform.


You'll be learning at light speed and building super cool projects even faster!


* Simple assembly required (60-90 minutes)

What's A Shield?

Stackable System

The Pioneer (top left in photo) is referred to as a shield which plugs in to any Arduino Uno compatible mother board.


The Pioneer was specifically designed with the beginner in mind.

Compact And Portable

Pocket Sized Electronics Laboratory

Once stacked on top of one another you have a super compact, powerful, portable electronics laboratory which fits in the palm of your hand.


Perfect for learning and experimenting anywhere!


* Simple assembly required (60-90 minutes)

Why Learn With Dr.Duino?

Experience The Dr.Duino Difference

Traditional Breadboard Based Kits (Yellow Outline)


Dr.Duino Pioneer Kit (Red Outline)

We recreated the same exact circuits that the Pioneer has using a traditional breadboard based kit.


It took about 2.5 hours to build up and test which didn't include the 20+ minutes needed to find all the parts and wires.




The Dr.Duino Pioneer took about 10 seconds to pop on top of the Arduino Uno clone.


No testing needed, it all just worked!


That's a pretty giant difference both in time and frustration!

The Competition

  • Extremely Error Prone

    You'll always need a breadboard, but, in the beginning, it can be daunting. One miss wire and you don't know if you have a hardware or code issue.

  • Fragile

    Imagine one of these wires coming loose and you didn't notice. You could spend hours hunting it down, which is frustrating.

  • Throw Away

    These kinds of kits are meant to be cheap, which also means they won't hold up over time. You'll lose a resistor here, an LED there, and before you know it, you need an entirely new kit.

Dr.Duino Pioneer

  • Compact And Portable

    Means you can take it anywhere, work anywhere, learn anywhere! Ideal for classrooms or the coffee shop. No matter where you are, you'll love having the freedom to experiment anywhere.

  • Focus On Code First

    The key to learning anything is to focus on one thing at a time. Since the Pioneer is pre-configured for you, you can spend time on learning how to code, instead of chasing down wires and components.

  • Experimenting Platform

    Sometimes you'll have an idea you just want to test out fast but don't want to go through the hassle of wiring up a circuit. This is where the Pioneer and Explorer editions really shine. Just pop on either shield and start coding immediately without wasting time hunting for parts.

What Can I Do With It?

The Sky Is The Limit Is An Under Statement!

Learning Platform

Use it to learn about electronics, coding and the Arduino ecosystem without the frustrations of a breadboard.


This allows you to learn faster!

Experimenting Platform

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll have a platform which grows with you.


You'll be able to start creating your own projects!

Fantastically Simple, Amazingly Powerful!

It's The Very Best Way To Get Started

Jump start your electronics journey

After some assembly, you'll learn how to control six of the most common electronic elements which surround us everyday.


When you start by understanding these core essentials, you'll be amazed by how much you can do, and how FAST you'll be able to do it.


Each and every one of these components is used in everything from your toaster to the space shuttle and everything in between.


Imagine having the power and knowledge to make those kinds of things all from the palm of your hand!


Electronic Essentials

Portable and jam packed with features so you can learn anywhere!

  • 8 Channel Addressable LEDs

    So much of what we want to do with our Arduinos is to control LED's.


    We've got you covered with our built in 16 million color capable LED strip.

  • Push Buttons x 4

    Momentary push buttons are the simplest of electronic components, but they do so much.


    Learn how they work and how you can make them do incredible things!


  • Piezo buzzer

    Our world is just as much audible as it is visible, which is why we included this passive piezo buzzer.

    Easily add audible tones to your project just when you need it most.

  • Discrete LED's x 3

    LED's make up the basis of our electronic world, learn how to control them like a pro.
    Learn the foundations of how electronics work by making a binary counting machine!

  • Potentiometers x 3

    Digitizing the analog world is the mainstay of electronics, these 10K single turn pots are perfect for creating your own RGB controller.

  • Light Sensor

    So many projects require your project to know if light is or is not present or maybe somewhere in between.

    With this built in LDR, you'll know just the right brightness to trigger your code.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

    This sensor is seriously cool and will give you super human powers.


    Allows you to sense objects from 1 inch to 13 feet away!


FREE Projects*

Useful and fun projects you can build immediately!

Introducing Dr.Duino's Starter & Premium Editions

Built on the core principle that learning should connect theory with real world applications.


When you purchase a Dr.Duino Pioneer or Explorer, you'll gain immediate access to 5 fun starter projects which are explained in a simple and fun way.


During the checkout process, you'll have the chance to upgrade to the Pioneer Premium.


Which gives you access to 10 total projects. 5 Starter and 5 premium.


These are no ordinary projects either, these are fun and super useful projects  which are exclusive to your Dr.Duino Pioneer and not available anywhere else!



Dr.Duino's Labs

Includes 5 FREE starter projects you can build right away.

OR 10 FREE projects when you upgrade to the Pioneer Premium!

*Available during the checkout process.

  • Annoy-A-Buddy, tuck away your Pioneer or Explorer in a coworkers cube, sit back and get ready to laugh. Watch them go crazy looking for where an annoying chirping sound is coming from. BUT! We won't make it easy on them to find, the chirp is at random time intervals, and will only be heard if your Pioneer or Explorer is in a dark place. Starter Project.

  • Collision Warning System, thanks to the magic of sonar,  this handy piece of code will help you determine how close or far you are from hitting an object! Starter Project.

  • Larson Scanner, remember KITT from knight rider or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica? You'll get the code you need to make your own iconic versions of their cycling lights! Starter Project.

  • Color Gauge, tons of projects need a way to notify the user how much time is left, or how full something is like an oil tank in a visual way. Well, this will do exactly that using high brightness LEDS! You'll be able to see the status of your gauge from clear across the room! Starter Project.

  • Night Lite, thanks to the Pioneers built in LDR sensor, you'll be able to create your very own nite lite perfect for those late night trips to the loo or keeping your little ones scary monsters away at night! Starter Project.

  • Water Leak Detector,  worried your sink is going to leak or your boiler will flood your basement? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could be alerted the instant water is detected where it shouldn't be? Well... you'll have the perfect tool to do just that! Premium Project.

  • RGB Controller, there's nothing more mesmerizing than being able to control the color and intensity of LED's especially when you can mix RED, GREEN & BLUE together. You'll be able to create up to 16 million color variations and store the values in memory! Premium Project.

  • Light Theramin,  a unique twist on an oldie. Shine a little light on to your kit and enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of converting light into beeps and boops! This one is a ton of fun to play with! Premium Project.

  • The Perfect Kitchen Timer,  wouldn't it be awesome if you could customize a timer for anything you need? But not an ordinary timer, something which ads a bit of lighting effects too! Well, look no further, you'll have the code to do it! Premium Project.

  • You're The Tone Man,  play up to 88 different musical notes , turning your pioneer or explorer into an electronic musical keyboard! Premium Project.

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