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Here’s the Answer to All Your Arduino Uno and Nano Design, Debug, and Prototyping Problems!

Does This Look Familiar?

How many of your Arduino projects start off, neat and tidy only to end up like this!


Now, don’t get me wrong, breadboards are a wonderful invention, as are the flying leads used to connect everything together, but it’s also what makes working with electronics and Arduino a nightmare!


It’s wonderful when things are working, but it’s a complete pain when one or more of your flying leads pop out (especially when you are poised to demonstrate your masterpiece to family and friends).


Where did those leads come from? Who knows?

Solving The Breadboard Riddle

One Long Island NY based company founded by Guido Bonelli aimed to solve this problem by creating a truly complete Arduino Uno and Nano compatible development system called the Dr.Duino Explorer.


Guido is an electrical engineer, inventor and entrepreneur who has been featured on Hackaday, Nuts and Volts, Make Magazine and Apple to name a few. 


He even won Make Magazines coveted editor’s choice award for one of his Arduino based inventions called Gooniebox.

Introducing The Dr. Duino Explorer

 A Full-Featured Prototyping Rig For Your Arduino Uno Or Nano Compatible Boards.

The Dr.Duino Explorer Edition is a stellar Arduino learning and developing platform which eliminates the needs for the rats nest you saw above while also putting all of the most common electronic components at your fingertips and not stuck in the bottom of a drawer.   


This is just one of the many things that prompted Guido to develop the Dr. Duino Explorer Edition shown below.


The “Explorer” moniker comes from the fact that this complete Arduino Uno & Nano development system helps you to truly explore your own Arduino designs.


The Dr. Duino Explorer comes equipped with an Arduino Nano, which is shown plugged in the bottom-middle of the image above.


Alternatively, if you wish, you can unplug the Nano and connect the Dr. Duino Explorer to your own Arduino Uno (you can see the Uno footprint headers above and below the small white breadboard).


If you are anything like me, your designs will involve one or more light-emitting diodes (LEDs), one or more pushbutton switches, and one or more potentiometers, you’ll notice that these are all on the Dr. Duino Explorer as standard parts.


As an avid maker himself, Guido spoke with numerous hobbyists, students, makers, and other engineers to learn what they typically require in their designs.


As a result, he added things like a light-dependent resistor (LDR), a piezo buzzer, and a stick of eight WS2812B tricolor LEDs (commonly known as “NeoPixels” because that’s what the folks at Adafruit call them). There’s also an organic LED (OLED) display (upper right-hand corner) and a rather meaty voltage regulator (just below the OLED display) sufficient to power one’s more “robust” projects.


In addition to connectors into which you can plug your own sensors, actuators, and I2C peripherals, you can also connect an ultrasonic distance-measuring sensor that’s provided with the Dr. Duino Explorer but isn’t shown in the above image.


And, as a complement to the breadboard, there’s also a small prototyping area (bottom right-hand corner) where you can solder on any extra components required by your project or prototype.

FINALLY, Easy Access To Everything!

One of the more frustrating tasks when working with arduino is trying to debug your project, especially when trying to access various power, ground and signal pins.


As you can see below, the Dr. Duino Explorer addresses this by providing access to ALL of the processor’s pins in multiple locations – both around the prototyping area and via headers and jumpers located around the periphery of the board.

Made In America - By You!

The Dr.Duino Explorer was proudly designed in America, and will be assembled in America (or wherever you live) by you, because this maker’s delight is presented as a kit of parts that you solder together yourself.


Don’t panic if you’ve never done anything like this before because Guido has gone through great lengths to create a stellar assembly process which is fun and easy to use called Dr.Duino’s Labs.


It’s Guido’s signature online, step by step assembly manual with high-resolution photographs and videos.


Think of it like him personally sitting beside you guiding you along the build process.


This isn’t your ordinary boring, insert tab A into tab B type manual. Instead, it’s a very informative and fun process which slowly builds upon the previous step until you complete your build.


It even shows you typical “gotchas” you may hit along the way which guarantees you a successful build!

Demo Code That WORKS!

Aside from an awesome hardware platform, stellar assembly manual, the Dr.Duino Explorer Edition also comes with up to 10 different code samples which work out of the box.


Unlike other cheap breadboard based kits, this comes with fun and useful projects which actually work!

Customer Reviews

Based On 50+ Reviews


The Explorer kit came with all necessary parts and I assembled it with no issues. The unit tested out 100% with no issues. I created a sketch to calculate the elapsed "on" time of a circuit I am working on using an interrupt input and display the results on the OLED display. It worked as expected and I am pleased with the whole unit, it will come in handy for future projects.


The Dr. Druino Explorer Edition board comes with everything you need to begin (or, in my case, restart) Arduino development. The build instructions for the kit are well written with lots of photos to guide even beginner-builders through the process. The board comes with a jumper/routing system that gives you the ability to either send Arduino processor signals to a device (switch, LED, light sensor, etc.) on the board, or route the signal to headers that border a solderless breadboard. From there you can either construct your own circuit on the breadboard, or just plug in a shield into the header. For example, I dropped an inexpensive color LCD display onto the board, routed all the processor signals to those headers, and ran a sample program for the display. I was instantly rewarded with a working display. The utility of the rerouting system with jumpers cannot be overstated. For example, I wanted to know which signals this mystery display (that I built 8 years ago) used. I just pulled jumpers on the various signals until the display stopped updating. Within 30 seconds I was able to verify what signals the display needed without looking at a line of driver code. Plus, this system provides a means of eavesdropping on any signal easily. Just connect your oscilloscope probe to one of those jumper pins and you're done. With Adruino Nano boards going for about $5 (US) your projects are no longer limited by the price of hardware; you're limited by time. The Dr. Druino Explorer will give your project the edge it needs to get done quickly. And you'll have a ton of fun doing it!


Awesome kit. Great quality and components are high as well. They all come in a nice storage box as well. I'm not a novice but it took me all but an hour to assemble. All straight forward and instructions are easy to follow. Looking forward to designing my first project on it. Wish I have more time to do it. The Explorer is a great kit and it takes all the scrambling for parts task, out of the learning code. Awesome Dr Duino, keep up the great work and products.


Very useful for rapid Arduino prototyping! All features worked first time! Made a few improvements: Substituted 10k pots with knobs; mounted a DC regulator input barrel connector on back; added pins to convenience area breakouts. A little red header jumper now makes it easy to power the whole board from the regulator, if desired, and only once one has adjusted (and double checked) its output to 5V. Dr.Duino's created a worthy successor to his original UNO-powered Dr.Duino!


Assembled the Explorer shield this weekend. Assembly instructions were excellent. I would have liked the option to download a pdf for this. Had some issues with testing. Send in support ticket, was answered very quickly, even on Sunday! Had issues with the supplied Nano. Needed to use the "old bootloader" to get sketch to load. Original sketch was too large to load. New version 1.0.4 sent 6/8/2020 did load and works correctly. This is a great product. Thanks Guido!!

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