Explore the Possibilities of What You Can Do With Arudino

Dr.Duino Explorer Edition| Forget The Breadboard... Get Ready. Get Set. CODE!

A full featured learning and rapid prototyping system for any Arduino Uno Or Nano compatible board.


Perfect for the beginner or advanced user, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. 


Right now, get Dr.Duino's Arduino Boot Camp FREE with purchase!


Limited to the first 200 people who take advantage of this offer! 

*Assembly required 90-180 minutes depending on skill

4 Kits In 1

With so many kits available from other big box vendors, why Dr.Duino?

Here are four reasons why!

Experimenting Platform

Contains all of the same components other kits have, but, it's pre-wired for time savings!

Test Fixture

Only kit available which allows easy access to all pins and they are all probe friendly.


Quickly troubleshoot hardware vs. code problems.


Never be limited by hardware again! You'll always have what you need in one kit.

Can't Code? No Problem!

Streamline Your Learning & Development Cycle

Arduino Uno & Nano Compatible Prototyping Rig

*Shown here with Expansion pack, sold separately.

**Assembly required.

*** Arduino Nano compatible board included. Uno compatible is not.

The Dr.Duino Explorer combines the ease of building projects using an Arduino Uno/Nano without the hassles of a breadboard to slow you down.


Allowing you to learn about and build projects faster than ever before.


That means you spend less time hunting down wiring issues and more time coding.


With everything from push buttons to a built-in OLED, you'll never want to build another project without it!

Experience The Dr.Duino Difference!

Typical Arduino Kits

Highly Error Prone and Confusing

    The Dr.Duino Difference

    Organized And Simple To Use

    Powerful Features, Portable Design

    We thought of everything so you don't have to

    • OLED

      Sometimes you just can't be connected to your PC in order to debug your project.


      That's why we included a bright, 128 x 64 line character and graphics OLED.

    • Power Options

      What if your design calls for more power than you can drive from your Arduino uno or nano?


      Or, you need to drive a motor at a different voltage.


      With up to a 24V input source and adjustable down to 1.2V, your project will have the power it needs!


    • Bluetooth LE

      You know the feeling, you just want to control something from across the room wirelessly.


      We've got you covered there too with our Bluetooth Low Energy module.


      Compatible with Android and Iphone, there's nothing you won't be able to do!


    • Mini Breadboard

      In the event you don't have a circuit which you need built into the Dr.Duino itself, you will still need a breadboard.


      With 170 pins, you'll have more than enough to get you going, without having to worry about lugging out a giant one to stitch everything together.


    • Prototyping Area

      Sometimes you just need a little space to add a custom circuit to your design.


      That's why we added a large 256 pin prototyping area.


      This isn't just a bunch of holes though!


      The perimeter contains access to every I/O pin on the Arduino Uno or Nano, access to power and ground pins and so much more.

    • 8 Channel Addressable LEDs

      So much of what we want to do with our Arduinos is to control LED's.


      We've got you covered with our built in 16 million color capable LED strip.

    • Re-Route It Technology

      Easily isolate hardware from firmware issues with the move of a jumper.


      Also makes probing pins with tools like oscilloscopes and DMM's a breeze!

    Electronic Essentials

    At your fingertips, not stuck in the bottom of a drawer

    • Discrete LED's x 4

      Transform these 5mm discrete LED's into a virtual breakpoints by turning them on and off at different spots in your code. Perfect for quickly isolating issues.

    • Push Buttons x 4

      Momentary push buttons are the simplest of electronic components, but you don't always have them when you need them. Now you do!

    • Potentiometer x 3

      Digitizing the analog world is the mainstay of electronics, these 10K single turn pots are perfect for creating your own RGB controller, PID tuning circuit or anything else that needs an analog input.

    • Piezo

      Our world is just as much audible as it is visible, which is why we included this passive piezo buzzer. Easily add audible tones to your project just when you need it most.

    • Light Sensor

      So many projects require your project to know if light is or is not present or maybe somewhere in between. With this built in LDR, you'll know just the right brightness to trigger your code.

    • Ultrasonic Sensor

      This sensor is seriously cool and will give you super human powers.


      Allows you to sense objects from 1 inch to 13 feet away!

    Advanced Capabilities

    • Diagnose With Real tools

      While developing within the Arduino ecosystem is awesome, trying to use standard equipment on it is not. That's why we made it easy for you to attach your scope probe, DMM or any other piece of test equipment.

    • Break Out Board

      Every pin of the Arduino Uno & nano compatible boards is broken out to individual test points. This makes it easy for you to diagnose issues quickly in  your code.

    • Convenient Prototyping Area

      Most other kits give you an akward little space to add your custom circuits. Not with the explorer. You have a large working area with easy access to power, ground, I/O. This makes building your own circuits onto the explorer a breeze.

    • Easy Access to Ground Points

      Accessing ground points while you work, shouldn't be complicated! That's why we added convenient access to test points all around the board.

    • 170 Pin Breadboard

      There will come a time when you need to add a custom circuit but you don't necessarily want to solder it into the prototyping area. That's why we added a high quality, breadboard right in the middle of the explorer.

    Re-Route It TechnologyTM

    Easily Isolate Hardware From Firmware Issues

    With the swap of a jumper, you'll be able to easily and QUICKLY diagnose firmware from hardware issues.


    While at the same time, being able to probe every single pin of any Arduino Uno or Nano compatible board with convenient test points.


    You will use it so much, you won't know how you lived without it!


    Plus, it's exclusive to Dr.Duino kits. You won't find this feature on any other kit out there!

      Introducing Dr.Duino's Education Package



      Useful and fun projects you can build immediately!

      Built on the core principle that learning should connect theory with real world applications.


      When you purchase a Dr.Duino Explorer, you'll gain immediate access to 5 fun starter projects which are explained in a simple and fun way.


      When you select the Education Package, you'll get:


      A 278 page Arduino E-book in PDF format (Immediately Delivered via email)          

       10 Dr.Duino Exclusive Free Projects. 5 STARTER and 5 PREMIUM (see photo above).

      Exclusive Projects

      Includes 5 FREE starter projects you can build right away.

      OR 10 FREE projects when you purchase the Education Package!

      • Annoy-A-Buddy, tuck away your Pioneer or Explorer in a coworkers cube, sit back and get ready to laugh. Watch them go crazy looking for where an annoying chirping sound is coming from. BUT! We won't make it easy on them to find, the chirp is at random time intervals, and will only be heard if your Pioneer or Explorer is in a dark place. Starter Project.

      • Collision Warning System, thanks to the magic of sonar,  this handy piece of code will help you determine how close or far you are from hitting an object! Starter Project.

      • Larson Scanner, remember KITT from knight rider or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica? You'll get the code you need to make your own iconic versions of their cycling lights! Starter Project.

      • Color Gauge, tons of projects need a way to notify the user how much time is left, or how full something is like an oil tank in a visual way. Well, this will do exactly that using high brightness LEDS! You'll be able to see the status of your gauge from clear across the room! Starter Project.

      • Night Lite, thanks to the Pioneers built in LDR sensor, you'll be able to create your very own nite lite perfect for those late night trips to the loo or keeping your little ones scary monsters away at night! Starter Project.

      • Water Leak Detector,  worried your sink is going to leak or your boiler will flood your basement? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could be alerted the instant water is detected where it shouldn't be? Well... you'll have the perfect tool to do just that! Premium Project.

      • RGB Controller, there's nothing more mesmerizing than being able to control the color and intensity of LED's especially when you can mix RED, GREEN & BLUE together. You'll be able to create up to 16 million color variations and store the values in memory! Premium Project.

      • Light Theramin,  a unique twist on an oldie. Shine a little light on to your kit and enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of converting light into beeps and boops! This one is a ton of fun to play with! Premium Project.

      • The Perfect Kitchen Timer,  wouldn't it be awesome if you could customize a timer for anything you need? But not an ordinary timer, something which ads a bit of lighting effects too! Well, look no further, you'll have the code to do it! Premium Project.

      • You're The Tone Man,  play up to 88 different musical notes , turning your pioneer or explorer into an electronic musical keyboard! Premium Project.

      Works with Dr.Duino's  Explorer Editions!

      Meet The Inventor

      Dr.Duino is owned and operated by Long Island Native Guido Bonelli (Left).


      Guido is the not only the small business owner but also the inventor of the Dr.Duino shield.


      He has been featured in EETimes, Hackaday, Apple, Make Magazine, EEweb for various Arduino based inventions.


      To him, Dr.Duino is not mearly a product but a tool he uses everyday and takes great pride in servicing the Arduino community.


      Oh... and you might recognize the gentleman on the right as Massimo Banzi, one of the inventors of Arduino who started the maker movement!


      When you buy a Dr.Duino, you are not just buying a product, you are supporting small business in the USA.

      What Some Of Our Happy Customers Think

      30 DAY


      I stand behind my product and personally guarantee that you will love it or your money back within 30 days of receiving your order.

      Terms and conditions apply.

      Founder, Dr.Duino

      Customer Success Representative

      Frequently asked questions

      Here are a few answers to our most common questions

      • How long does it take to put together?

        Assembly takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on skill but your a pro at this already, so this will be a breeze for you.

      • What boards can I use with it?

        The explorer was specifically designed for any Arduino Uno or Nano compatible board.

      • Where does the Dr.Duino Explorer pack ship from?

        Ships from our warehouse in Chicago Illinois within 1-2 business days of order.

      • Who is it for?

        Anyone with electronic know how who is looking to experiment with Arduino Uno/Nano compatible boards.

      • What's the difference between an Arduino Nano and a clone?

        In a few words... cost and nothing else. They work exactly the same but cost less which means we get to pass along the savings to you!

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